Happy end-of-summer, everyone!

No more scorching sunshine forcing us indoors because we’d rather stick pins in our eyes than sweat on a shed-damp sunbed by the nettles.

There was no glistening pool by the Med; instead you forked out forty quid for a kiddy paddler from Wilko that inexplicably filled with grit and plasters in minutes.

Between the heat waves we were blessed with torrential rain which was just what our confused crops and lockdown veggie gardens needed.

Seriously though, I hope you’ve all had a decent summer, despite the unutterable stress we’ve all been under.

So! Now that we’ve got the weather out of the way, let’s talk about good content and why you need it to successfully market your business.

Why you need good content

You don’t need a copywriter to tell you that the marketplace is bulging with sellers. But I just have, so let’s move on and find the shiny silver lining.

What with said bulging marketplace you’ll really need to FIND YOUR VOICE. Steer clear of generic content that could be copied and pasted from one website/social media account to another.

Think about your brand values…and go with it. What do you stand for? If you’re a florist your brand values may include togetherness, giving, positivity and relationship-building. Therefore your content should reflect these life-affirming ideals and leave your reader feeling uplifted and ready to make someone’s day.

How to create good content

Parts of this article will take the form of bullet points because bullet points are good. Why? Read on.

Tip 1 – Simple Layout

Bullet points draw the eye because a wall of text is incredibly off putting to the average browser. Lots of lovely white space dotted with (relevant) subheadings and bullet points will indicate that your content is easy to navigate. This means that your browser will stick around for longer than the average six seconds.

Tip 2 – Simple Language

Keep it short and simple. A surplus of adverbs and blethering will lose the interest of your reader. There’s a place for long, drawn out sentences and endless amounts of detail but it’s not on your website (unless you’re publishing peer-reviewed studies or expounding upon the intricacies of Russian literature). I say this with love and respect but you’re here to sell your product or service, not impress people with your vocabulary.

When you’re posting content it’s crucial to maintain consistency across all of your chosen platforms. This way you will breed familiarity and build brand loyalty. The cleverest brands utilise language and tone to sustain market dominance. You can do the same.

Tip 3 – Simple Connections

Speak directly to your customer, you say? But how?


  • If you haven’t already done so, consider your ideal customer and make a note of their characteristics (age, interests, background etc). Imagine they’re sitting directly in front of you and you’re selling them your product. Let’s go back to our florist. They may imagine chatting to a thirty-something woman or a remorseful partner (ha!).
  • Your widget may be out of this world and capable of carrying out thousands of tasks in mere seconds but most people won’t want to read a lengthy description of its technical wizardry. Instead, lay out all of the ways your widget will save buyers time and money and generally improve their life in every way. Then they’ll part with the readies.
  • As a copywriter and marketing specialist, I’m spending more and more time on social media management. It’s a part of the business entrepreneurs hate because it involves a fair amount of time and imagination. I’m always happy to lend a hand but if you want to give it a bash think about your content and graphics. Social media is wonderful for business. It’s mostly free and you can reach millions with very little effort. Just remember, your content and graphics should reflect your voice and branding. Always. So when someone is scrolling and they see your colour scheme and distinctive graphics (plus sparkling copy), they’ll immediately know it’s your business. If you need a hand with your branding then look no further than Rebecca Watson Design. She’s a genius.

Business owners are busy people. So, if you need a hand with content creation, just get in touch for a free consultation. Email me: allaboard@shipshapecopywriting.com or telephone: 07917 881209.

Now then, I’m off to organise my autumn wardrobe.